Training Options

Full Circle Fastpitch offers multiple ways to train. In-Person and Zoom Lessons, Camps, Online Subscriptions, etc. Check out all the information below!

Training Options:

Full Circle Fastpitch offers many different training options for pitchers of all ages and skill levels throughout the entire year. Off-season is the most important time to train and make adjustments needed to improve before the next season.

In-Person Lessons

Depending on the time of year, Full Circle Fastpitch offers 3 different types of in-person lessons: a 7-month lesson program, group lessons and individual lessons. Lessons are located in multiple cities in Iowa: Corydon, Seymour, Ottumwa and Indianola.

Lesson Program

6 or 7-month off-season program running October through April. This is the most comprehensive option to take your pitching to the next level. Pitchers must be willing to truly commit to putting in the time and effort on their own outside of lessons. In addition to their 5 or 10 group lessons, pitchers will gain online access to weekly workouts, drill videos, homework assignments, group Zoom meetings with special guests, pitching tips, etc. This is the best way to guarantee a lesson spot with Cassandra. Registration begins at the end of August.

Group Lessons

Group lesson dates are added throughout the year and these are for pitchers unwilling to commit to the lesson program or are trying to join in the middle of it. You can choose to do 1 lesson or commit to all the lesson dates I add.

Individual Lessons

Individuals are typically only available during the summer. These can be extremely beneficial during your season. Whether you need a tune up or you are a pitcher who is just learning how to pitch. Availability varies.

Online Lessons

Full Circle Fastpitch offers Zoom lessons for pitchers too far away for in-person.

Online Lesson Program

A 5-month off-season program for pitchers willing to truly commit to improving their pitching, both physically and mentally. In addition to their 7 group Zoom lessons, pitchers will gain online access to weekly workouts, drill videos, homework assignments, informational documents, group Zoom meetings with special guests, etc.

Group Zoom Lessons

Have a friend or teammate you'd like to pair up with for group Zoom lessons? Availability varies but reach out if you're interested.

Individual Zoom Lessons

Option to add Zoom lessons to supplement your in-person lessons. Or you are just too far from any of Cassandra's lesson locations but want to work with her instead of just going through the online content on your own.


Full Circle Fastpitch offers camps throughout the year and has been a part of college camps in the past.

Mini-Clinic Series (In-Person)

Past topics for 4-week mini-clinic series are a Fall Prep, Change Ups and Movement Pitches. These are typically pop up options offered in the fall or spring.

1-Day Camps

Contact if you are interested in hosting a camp near you.

Informational Online Group Zooms

Past group Zooms have included fastball mechanics, change up, curve, rise and drop.
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Online Course Subscription Options

Interested in independently learning from Full Circle Fastpitch? Check out more information below on how to subscribe to an online course.

Pitching School

Drill Video Library

Interested in learning from us but lessons don't work out? Subscribe to Pitching School!

Monthly Subscription

This is for pitchers interested in learning from Full Circle Fastpitch on your own or supplementing with your in-person or Zoom lessons. Lesson program pitchers have full access to Pitching School. This is a monthly subscription to dripped content that can be canceled at any time.

Enrollment Period

Enrollment begins in late October and ends on November 15th. Content is organized and released weekly in the following order: off-season, pre-season, in-season. There are 15 weeks of off-season content, 6 weeks of pre-season and 4 weeks of in-season. Paid access continues throughout the summer.

What's Included?

A pitching plan based on your current skill level. Each weekly workout includes 3 different options to choose from to meet you where you are at. Weekly workouts, drill videos, mentality and character building assignments, word of the week and so many other pitching tips.

Coming Soon!

Immediate Access to 100's of Videos

We offer you a banch of learning activities. Video, ebooks, quizzes, certificates, exams and a lot more. An awesome interactive learning experience

Learn on Your Own

Subscribe at any time throughout the year to gain access to 100s of drill videos.

Reading with note taking

Multiple ways of adding notes and highlights. We help you improve your scanning and reading strategies.

Questions about training options and availability? Send a message!

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