Full Circle Fastpitch

Full Circle Fastpitch offers year round softball pitching lessons and camps for girls ranging from all skill levels and ages 7-18. Full Circle Fastpitch focuses on developing a complete pitcher through mental and physical training. Although pitching will be the primary instruction, effective defensive skills are extremely important to create a well-rounded pitcher and will be incorporated into the lessons. Proper mechanics will be emphasized to minimize injury and maximize pitchers potential.

Full Circle Fastpitch was chosen for the name based on two main reasons. Our goal is to create the full pitcher; one that is capable of performing and achieving in all of her roles to her greatest potential. We truly believe a complete pitcher can pitch, play defense, maintain a strong mentality, and be a great teammate. Teammates and coaches often look for their pitchers to be leaders and it is difficult to do if pitchers are not prepared to lead. Pitchers that are not comfortable leading may not have prepared properly to become mentally strong or confident in themselves. We strive to create challenges where pitchers develop into confident leaders with a great mentality.

Another reason behind the Full Circle Fastpitch name is related to Cassandra and her experience as a pitcher. Cassandra began pitching in 3rd grade and started to take lessons in 4th grade. She committed to her pitching coach, Myndie Berka, for a total of 13 years. Cassandra never thought coaching pitching would be something she would be interested in. As she started to help with pitching camps and give lessons on her own, she had very rewarding experiences and found a love for teaching pitchers. Since Cassandra went through lessons herself and is now teaching them, you could say that she has gone Full Circle 🙂

Cassandra Darrah

Cassandra Darrah is the owner of Full Circle Fastpitch. She grew up in a small town in Iowa and fulfilled her dream of playing Division I softball when she became a four year starting pitcher for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Badgers. She is the record holder for highest winning percentage, second in career wins, and second in season wins for the Badgers. Cassandra has been giving lessons for 5 years and working softball and pitching specific camps for 7 years. Teaching the game of softball and proper pitching mechanics has been a very rewarding experience for Cassandra and she created Full Circle Fastpitch to continue to help pitchers achieve their goals and maximize their potential. She has thoroughly enjoyed teaching pitching and watching her pitchers learn and develop. She loved pitching (and still does!) throughout her whole career and was not ready to give that passion up. Cassandra hopes to inspire young athletes into being the best they can be and learn to love the game and all the life lessons it teaches all of us.