Hey there, <br>
I'm Cassandra!

Hey there,
I'm Cassandra!

I'm a fastpitch pitching coach and I teach girls how to pitch a softball, help them reach their goals and make a positive impact on their lives in hopes that they'll become strong, confident young women now and in their future.

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Inspiring You to Become the Best Pitcher You Can Be

Commit to working hard, focusing on your own development and trusting the process.

confidence building in softball

Confidence Building

workouts that challenge pitchers physically & mentally to grow confidence through hard work & discovering strengths

development of softball


focus on mastering a strong fastball foundation to easily transition into throwing multiple pitches
Mechanics focus of softball

Mechanics Focused

learn how to use your body most efficiently to create the most power, movement & change of speeds

Multiple Training Options

Whether you are near or far, want a lot of guidance or just the information, there is something for everyone!

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In-Person Training

Group and individual lessons are held year-round in multiple locations throughout Iowa and Wisconsin.

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Online Training

Train from anywhere with Zoom lessons. Get access to pitching workouts, a video library, informational documents, mentality homework and a community of pitchers training alongside you.

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Digital Courses

Take control over your own pitching journey and train independently with Full Circle Fastpitch's two digital courses.

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“Cassandra’s ability to connect with our daughter and her method of focusing on proper mechanics of a pitcher has been extremely beneficial in her growth and the success she is experiencing on the mound.”

Cassandra is a great coach, teacher, and mentor for those who are wanting their girls to pitch.  She teaches my daughter accountability for the work she puts into pitching.  She communicates, supports, and works well with me as a parent to help better my daughters pitching skills.

“…the way she conveys her messages to the girls, not only from a pitching standpoint but a way of life standpoint. She teaches them responsibility, accountability, and self-respect.  All signs of a great teacher.”

Cassandra has been there through Emma’s successes and her toughest times. She has been there when we needed her the most:  through the days when it feels impossible to get the motivation to go practice, to handling all the pressures from fans, parents and coaches.  She has been there to pick Emma up when she felt like no one else would understand. 

“Cassandra has taught me so much about being a pitcher and a team leader. She has changed my attitude so much in the time that we’ve been together. She pushes you hard but the outcome is so worth it.”

“I’ve gone to Cassandra for about a year and I’ve already seen major improvements in my mechanics and leg drive. I’ve always struggled with my change up and she has helped me get it to a solid second pitch. I can’t wait for her winter program to continue improving with her help!”


My Mission

  • My mission is to teach pitchers how to be the most efficient and powerful with the body they were given, while creating consistency to pinpoint spots, deception with change of speeds and movement.
  • My goal is to create well-rounded, mentally tough pitchers who can handle pressure-filled situations, now and in their future.
  • I take pride in empowering girls to find their voice, take ownership of their journey and cultivate confidence through hard work and finding their strengths.
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My Mission
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